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About Warren

Originating in Colombo, Sri Lanka & initialised in Dubai UAE, Now based in Melbourne, Australia for good, DJ Warren J is an award winning DJ with loads of experience around the world. His scope of playing at large is amazing.

Warren has more than 20 years of experience & excellence in Club/Mobile & Cooperate DJing.Warren is renowned for delivering an excellent job as he is well known for his knack of playing the right music at the right time. A respected DJ among his peers, he is considered as a veteran & a master of what he does the best – DJing.

check out warren's promotion video

check out warren's promotion video

Warren’s Journey

Started DJing in dreamy Sri Lanka

Established himself as a Pro DJ serving Good Groove Entertainment – one of the best Entertainment companies run by the guru called Dallas Kellart. Warren has played in almost every night club in Sri Lanka & also covered numerous major events & corporate functions.

Year 1996

Moved to Maldives

Warren was called to hold a club residency in exquisite Meedhupaaru Resort. He served as a resident DJ for a year.

Year 1999

Moved to Dubai

Warren was called to hold a club residency in exquisite Meedhupaaru Resort. He served as a resident DJ for a year.

Club Residency
Warren was called to hold a club residency in exotic Dubai at Club Ceilao 1505.

Year 2000

Heineken Thirst House DJ Competition

After winning 3rd in the Heineken Thirst House DJ Competition in Dubai he caught the attention of everyone.

Fast-forward to 2005

Middle East Palme DJ Competition

He shot straight to stardom by winning 3rd place in Middle East Palme DJ Competition and was labeled as the number 3 DJ in the Middle East region in 2006.

DJing in leading Clubs
Meanwhile he was regularly DJing in leading clubs & performing in high profile events all over Middle East region whilst establishing himself as a club manager & event coordinator.

Later in year 2006

Moved to Melbourne, Australia

Warren was at the height of his career, he moved to vibrant Melbourne for good to begin his next chapter … In the beginning of his career in Melbourne he collaborated with many events companies & DJ agencies. Warren worked as a resident DJ for their events & shows where he has covered some of the biggest events in Melbourne. To name a few – Australian Design awards 2013, Footy Grand Final after party & many more including warming up many Acts and Shows in Melbourne City. Also he had the chance to perform alongside the winner of Australia’s got talent – Andrew De Silva.

Year 2009

Launched UDDJS Melbourne

He was offered to take over a branch of networking company called UDDJS from Middle East. He launched UDDJS in Melbourne and tailored it single handedly to the local clients as UDDJS Melbourne Entertainment providing services with DJS/ sound/ lighting /artist Management & much much more covering club, mobile, corporate, wedding & all other functions.

Year 2014

Entertainer of The Year Award

Year 2016 While his DJ, Lighting & Sound business took off & went from strength to strength he was nominated for an award at Multicultural Awards. After the preliminary rounds & contending with many talented nominees, it was no surprise when Warren won the Entertainer of The Year Award in year 2016.

Year 2016


With the arrival of Covid-19, DJs around the world suddenly found themselves without any gigs or events to play at, causing financial struggles for many of them. But in the face of this challenge, entrepreneur Warren saw an opportunity to create something new and helpful. He decided to create an online platform, called Lankanland, where DJs could perform and connect with audiences remotely. Through live streaming, DJs could perform from the safety of their own homes and reach a global audience who could enjoy their music from the comfort of their own homes. Giving DJs a space to perform and earn a living while social distancing measures were in place, Lankanland quickly became a popular platform for music-lovers around the world to discover and enjoy new tunes. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Warren was able to create something positive and useful, benefiting both DJs and music fans alike.

Year 2020

Music Producer

When Lankanland was launched, Warren saw it as an opportunity to create his own music and collaborate with other artists. He started by exploring different genres and experimenting with various sounds to find his unique style. Through the platform, he connected with other musicians who shared similar interests and began collaborating with them.

Warren's passion for music and determination to hone his skills led to the creation of several tracks that garnered recognition and popularity on Lankanland. His success on the platform also opened doors for opportunities to perform live shows and engage with a wider audience.

Overall, the launch of Lankanland provided Warren with the resources, network, and motivation to pursue his passion for music and achieve his goals as an artist.

Year 2023

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